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About Us

Our Investment Process

We follow a robust investment process based on extensive research.

Although we constantly challenge the norm and ask the tough questions, our investment process is a cautious one. All our decisions are rooted in solid research and tested knowledge. The specialists who form our investment committee offer an integrated blend of expertise. They tap into numerous sources of information and analyses to make informed, intelligent decisions that meet your individual needs.

The Process

  1. We collect quality information

    1. Proprietary research
    2. External research reports from institutional brokers like I-Net, Bloomberg, Telerate and SIM
  2. The Director of Investments and the Investment Committee share their insights

    1. We explore all team members' insights instead of just focusing on one person's point of view
  3. We decide where and how to invest

    1. Weekly Investment Committee meetings to construct model portfolios
    2. Daily meetings to ensure the information we rely on is current
    3. A daily snapshot of the markets
    4. An equity valuation tool, covering more than 80 shares
  4. Model portfolio guidelines or Buy / sell lists

  5. Implementation

    1. Regulated by the JSE, the Financial Services Board and an Independent Compliance Department, which reports directly to the CEO

We Base Our Investment Decisions on Thorough Research

All our portfolio managers contribute to the in-house research process. Our Chief Investment Officer, Alwyn van der Merwe, is responsible for the co-ordination of all research information and analyses.

We use our research results throughout our decision-making process:

  1. We share our research and views with our portfolio managers, who add their input
  2. Once a week the investment committee and the portfolio managers meet to debate, challenge and discuss the research and the views to form a house view
  3. The investment committee then constructs our equity model portfolios. The portfolio managers also motivate reasons for any inclusion/exclusion in a particular share in any of the equity portfolios
  4. These model portfolios serve as strict guidelines for our portfolio managers. We allow deviations from model portfolios to accommodate any individual preferences, but these deviations are monitored very closely at all times

When we do research, we look for well-known companies with the following traits to determine whether we want to invest:

  1. Sound management principles
  2. A history of sound financial performance and sustainability
  3. A positive cash position and a high payout ratio
  4. High dividend yield
  5. Strong fundamentals

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