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How is the platform linked to the JSE?

Our online trading platform is your license to trade on the JSE as if you were right there on the trading floor. Real-time live prices are provided with market depth and the five best bid and offer prices plus volumes. Buying and selling orders are processed through the JSE in seconds with Direct Market Access. Immediate trade confirmations are sent via e-mail and SMS. You can also protect your portfolio from sharp price movements by placing stop-loss orders.

What do I need to register for online trading?

Our online registration and FICA process is fully digital – there’s no printing and mailing of documents. You simply upload scans of your FICA documents and sign with a digital PIN sent to your phone. We require the following documents for individuals:

  • Proof of address not older than three months that reflect your name
  • A scanned copy of your identification document
  • Any communication from your bank that includes your name and bank account number
  • Scanned or downloaded communication not older than 12 months from SARS that reflects your name and tax reference number.

How long before I can trade?

Once we have received your documents, and they are all in order, it will take five working days for us to process your application, open your account and register you as a trader.

Are there minimum amounts for online trading?

To open a local JSE trading account, you need to deposit R5 000, and for a global trading account, you need R200 000 minimum. We will send you an email with our bank details and unique reference number to enable you to deposit funds, after you have completed registration.

Will I have access to fundamental share data and research?

Our platform is a powerful research tool providing information on the SA economy, the impact of the international economy, JSE-listed companies as well as technical analysis on markets and shares. For every share, you get more than 10 years of financial statements and a news archive. Apart from statutory company information and dividend information, we also make performance and trading statistics available.

Model portfolios for different risk categories are continuously managed and updated. There are also consensus broker forecasts on more than 100 companies, giving you the buy/hold/sell views of top brokers as well as three-year earnings forecasts.

Is there space for my own technical analysis and charts?

We provide a comprehensive charting facility so you can undertake your own technical analysis on all JSE shares and indices, currencies, commodities and international indices. This can be done on bar, line or candlestick charts. Statistical analysis includes MACD, RSI, DMI (ADX), Stochastics, Fibonacci Retrace, Bollinger Bands and many more.

What about fees?

A monthly fee of R50 plus VAT gives you access to a comprehensive offering of features and facilities, including 150 live prices per month. Thereafter, data is delayed by 15 minutes. For R130 plus VAT per month, you’ll get unlimited live prices. Monthly fees are waived if you pay more than R300 broking fees in a month.

Broking fees start at R75 basic charge plus 0.5% broking fee (excluding statutory levies and taxes). The fee scale drops to 0.4% for trades above R500 000 and to 0.35% above R1 million. You can view all costs and fees here: Online Trading Services and Fees

What if I need technical support?

If you require technical support in using our online trading platform, you can send an email to

I have received my welcome letter, but I can’t log in. What do I do now?

For you to log in, you will need to fund your account with the minimum investment amount. Once we have received your initial deposit, we will link you to our platform and will communicate your login credentials to you.

Why am I receiving delayed price feeds on my account?

This is because you are registered for the standard package (which has 15-minute delayed price feeds) and not the unlimited package (which has real-time, live price fees). The standard package costs R50 plus VAT per month, whereas the unlimited package costs R130 plus VAT.

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