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Wealth Management

Our dedicated team of wealth managers will work with you to craft a bespoke personal wealth management plan.

With years of industry experience and expertise, they can advise you on where and how to invest your money, including giving advice on suitable asset classes, providers and products.

Taking a holistic view of your financial reality, aspirations and risk profile, the team will develop a tailor-made, integrated and comprehensive investment plan for you, strategically combining different asset classes to achieve maximum returns.

Working in partnership with our best-in-the-business portfolio managers, as well as our fiduciary and tax specialists, our wealth managers will ensure you meet your investment objectives by taking into account costs, tax implications, accessibility of your funds, transparency, liquidity, counter-party risks and consistency of returns.

We can also leverage off the Sanlam Group’s vast investment capabilities to provide superior investment and wealth planning services.

How Does It Work?

We follow an integrated process consisting of three interdependent components to provide a complete investment solution:

  • Your objectives. The first step is to gain a deep understanding of your investment objectives and needs, including your risk profile, and your retirement and growth objectives.
  • Asset allocation. We then align your asset allocation with your risk profile and against our predetermined strategic asset allocation benchmarks.
  • Manager selection. The last component involves selecting – through a rigorous quantitative and qualitative screening process – the most appropriate portfolios and fund managers to develop the investment solutions that best suit your needs and objectives.

This process results in the crafting of a bespoke suite of wealth management solutions for you, locally and internationally.

As a Sanlam Private Wealth client, you enjoy:

  • Direct access to your personal wealth manager
  • Full reporting and transparency
  • Comprehensive monthly and quarterly reports
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss the investment results
  • Ongoing review of selected investments and fund managers
  • Investment updates and information, accessible in real-time via the internet
  • Preferential treatment regarding share transactions and special issues
  • Advice regarding investment transactions.

To find out about our wealth management team, visit our investment team page.

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