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We help you trade shares to maximise your returns.

The decision of which shares to buy and sell can be difficult and stressful if you don’t know the market that well and don’t have time to get to know and understand it. Our dedicated stockbroking service provides you with the necessary support to trade.

How Our Stockbroking Service Works?

  • You sign a mandate giving us permission to act on your behalf. We will then handle all the administration for you.
  • You can get market and share price information daily from any of our branches to help you buy and sell your shares
  • All payments are electronic and we cannot complete a transaction before the full settlement amount is paid or the shares are available in your account
  • We will issue you with a brokers note every time we buy or sell shares on your behalf
  • You can choose how involved you want us to be in your share trading:
    • If you are a controlled client, we provide you with a complete administration service, which includes listing all securities under our nominee company, Agulhas Nominees (Pty) Ltd, our appointed Customary Settlement Depository Participant (CSDP)
    • If you are a non-controlled client, you must appoint your own CSDP. We will then only help you buy and sell your shares as and when you tell us to.

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