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Sanlam Private Wealth

At Sanlam Private Wealth, our cross-disciplinary teams combine their different skill sets and expertise to custom-craft wealth solutions tailored to our clients’ individual requirements. The journey we undertake when crafting dynamic and lasting wealth has inspired a unique collaboration with three other masters of their craft – Zizipho Poswa, Mpho Vackier and Candice Lawrence – who have combined their skills using different materials and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Each customised wealth solution crafted by Sanlam Private Wealth consists of different parts that have been carefully selected, integrated and overlaid to achieve a client’s individual objectives and ambitions. This distinct approach to wealth creation and preservation involves experts across various disciplines who collaborate towards a shared vision.

Sanlam Private Wealth is more than a private client investment management company. The business is set up to manage individual clients’ wealth in its totality.

The first step in any wealth strategy is to decide on the most appropriate structure to house your assets. Our fiduciary and tax specialists advise on, construct and administer investment structures such as local and offshore trusts and companies, where appropriate.

They add further depth and dimension in the form of global tax structuring and estate planning. As part of an integrated wealth strategy, your portfolio manager will collaborate with our fiduciary and tax specialists to provide expert advice, structuring and administrative services that are tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Through our active investment management style, we continuously refine portfolios amid an ever-changing global landscape. This includes ongoing research and broadening of our access to different asset classes, for example, alternative assets such as private equity and private debt that have long been the domain of institutional investors only. Our equity-backed finance solutions offer quick access to capital by using your equity portfolio to secure finance or arrange a short-term guarantee.

Please speak to your portfolio manager if you’d like to find out more.

The art of craftsmanship

The journey that Sanlam Private Wealth undertakes when crafting dynamic and lasting wealth has manifested in the form of a larger-than-life installation that showcases the power of collaboration, connectedness and craftsmanship. It is the result of a unique collaboration between globally acclaimed artists Zizipho Poswa, Mpho Vackier and Candice Lawrence, who fused a combination of materials, skill sets and sustainable design to create a light-filled, multi-sensory installation.

Says Reginald Labuschagne, Head of Product and Strategy at Sanlam Private Wealth: ‘This clearly shows that when a team of artists collaborate with a common vision and a complementary skill set, it’s truly remarkable what they can create. At Sanlam Private Wealth, we take a similar approach when we build and preserve wealth for our clients, so they can live their financial dreams with confidence into the future.’

Read more about our brand story, and this one-of-a-kind collaboration, here.

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