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Trade JSE shares and instruments or gain global exposure on more than 20 international exchanges, from your desktop or mobile. Our online trading platform is reliable, simple and easy to use – we have all the tools you need to help you on your investment journey.


Live market information News feeds Comprehensive data on listed shares and exchange-traded funds Market reports
Consensus stockbroker forecasts Alerts and stop-loss orders Watch-lists Trade confirmations


Our online trading platform offers everything you need to make successful investment decisions, pro-actively manage your portfolio and trade at competitive rates.

  • It’s easy to use and available anywhere, anytime.
  • You have access to a wealth of information, including research, company information, fundamental share data, technical analysis and consensus broker forecasts. A comprehensive charting facility allows you to do your own technical analysis on all JSE shares and indices, currencies, commodities and international indices.
  • Real-time live prices are provided with market depth and the five best bid and offer prices plus volumes.
  • Price alerts will keep you informed at all times. You can protect your portfolio from sharp price movements by placing automatic stop-loss orders.
  • Transactions are processed in seconds straight to the JSE with Direct Market Access, followed by immediate trade confirmation via SMS and email.
  • Research and live data are available for a monthly fee, and trading fees are up to 50% lower than normal stockbroking fees.


  • Trade JSE equities, warrants, ETFs and ETNs.
  • Secure, fast online trading with more than 98% uptime at competitive fees.
  • State-of-the-art trading platform that you can customise to your requirements.
  • Live prices with market depth (five best bids and offers).
  • Direct market access (DMA) for immediate execution.
  • Price alerts sent via email or SMS for up or down triggers.
  • Stop-loss orders to protect your portfolio from sudden downward movements.
  • Comprehensive data on listed shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including 10 years of financial statements, annual reports, consensus broker forecasts, detailed fact sheets and performance statistics, and a searchable Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) archive.
  • Live JSE SENS news, and graphs with technical analysis tools.
  • The ability to view your portfolio and watch list, and trade on your mobile device.



  • Secure trading on more than 20 global exchanges from your desktop or mobile device, using either your own foreign allowance or our asset swap capability.
  • Trading of equities, ETFs and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs) on all major global markets.
  • Competitive brokerage fees and free live prices for most European markets.
  • Advanced charting with technical analysis tools.
  • Comprehensive share data and research on more than 11 000 global shares.



  • Fully transparent trading in contracts for difference (CFDs).
  • Trading at the exact JSE price, ensuring you get the ‘true’ market price – this protects you from misleading CFD quotes.
  • Transparent fees, which are listed separately, not in the spread.
  • The ability to set trailing stop-losses to protect your portfolio from sharp declines – if your margin falls below pre-determined levels, we will automatically close positions to maintain the margin.
  • Access to our CFD platform from any device – there is no need to download an app.



Need more information? This section provides answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by investors. If you’d like to discuss further, please get in touch with our online trading team.


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